What is it

Burn-CD is a handy frontend for the well-known cd/dvd writing packages cdrkit & dvd+rw-tools. It's written in the Python programming language and intended for use on any modern UNIX-like system (such as GNU/Linux OS).

Plese see below for the screenshots and examples of use.


1.8.0 — Oct 25 2009

1.7.4 — Dec 12 2007

1.7.3 — Dec 04 2007

1.7.2 — Dec 03 2007

1.7-beta1 — Dec 02 2007

1.6-beta2 — Nov 21 2007

1.6-beta1 — Oct 3 2007

1.5-beta3 — Mar 18 2007



It is a plain console program though it has a nice colorful output. Here is a couple of examples:

picture of burn-cd at work picture of burn-cd at work picture of burn-cd at work

You can see more screenshots here.


# to show the disk and drive info
burn-cd -i

# to burn two files and one dir verbosely
burn-cd -v file1 /some/dir/file2 /some/dir2

# to burn a disk image
burn-cd -m disk_image.iso

# to blank the media (if needed) and to burn the dir as a DVD-Video
burn-cd -z --video my_video/dvd/pirates2